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Successful cases
Mr Russell
Community Activity
Dawn Garden


Welcome the first foreign tenant move in "Green City Dawn Garden"

     In  mid-May Shanghai, it has been somehow hot. Before Mr Russell, the American tenant moves in his new home in "Green City Dawn Garden", the central air conditioner was switched on in advance by the considerate staff from customer service department, so he felt very comfortable. When receiving the flowers, the tenant expressed his thanks and said humorously, "I feel I were a bridegroom." When he was checking the furniture and appliances, he was very satisfied with everything that had been well prepared, such as the clean and tidy apartment, dredged satellite television and telephone...etc. When he opened the refrigerator, he was very surprised to see the milk and drinks that were especially prepared for him, he said "thanks!" in Chinese to express his satisfaction and gratitude to the professional services of management office. The two agents of the tenant were so impressed by all of the meticulous preparation and service before "Check in" that they said they would not only recommend "Green City Dawn Garden " to their customers but also to their partner actively.

     It is said that several customers are interested in renting "Green City Dawn Garden". All of them enjoy the quiet and secluded garden in it and the building styles of ART DECO. " Green City Dawn Garden" is drawing customers of various nationality by its tastfulness and elegance.

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