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Jinchen Green Brief DVD
Expatriate Enjoy Living & Working in Shanghai

Real Estate Special Report
Expatriate Enjoy Living & Working in Shanghai07 Jinchen Green Real Estate Conference
Communication, Share & Development-08 Jinchen Green Real Estate Conference

House Propaganda DVD
Jinqiao Science Park
King Tower
Thames Town

Japan Apaman with Jinchen Green Creat New Mode in Service Apartment Shanghai Boutique  
Green City Dawn Garden
Jinzun GardenGolden Vienna
Shanghai Garden
East Villa

Jinjue Villa (Golden Oscar)

International Community Activities
08 Green City Dawn Garden Christmas Evening Party
09 Green Villa Lantern Festival Fireworks Evening Party
09 Green City Dawn Garden Dragon Festival Wrapping Rice Dumpling Race

Professional Service
East Villa Floor Heating & Alarm System Brief
Villa Aircon Filter Clean


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