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News Media Report

News Media Title Time
Pudong Times Pudong Jinqiao plan to develop a large business complex,and make the transition by an increasing prospect of rental income. 13-08-08
Pudong Times Green City won the Award of China`s Inhabited Environment Model 13-06-25
Real Estate Times The value of Bo Jue Ju is favored to have potential for a chamberlain service provded by Apaman,famous property management company 13-06-07
No.1 Property Reporter Bo Jue Ju sill start the assets management service(Apaman,famous property management company 13-06-03
Green City Lalaport,Japanese commercial mark will be set up in Jinqiao Green City 13-03-01
jinQiao A Signing Ceremony of jinqiao Lalaport project 13-02-25
Real Estate Times Make Perfect -Jinchen Green Service  10-01-29
Soufun.com     Green City, Lianyang Community Bulid a Sincere,
Reliable & Harmonious Society
Soufun.com      2009 Dawn Garden Christmas Evening  09-12-16
Soufun.com Shanghai Science Park Attract World Top 500 R&D 09-08-14
Real Estate Times Jinchen Science Park Glamorous with Harvard Red 09-08-14
Real Estate Times Shanghai Boutique Service Apt on Rent 09-06-12
Oriental Morning Post Shanghai Boutique•Apaman Service Apt on Rent 09-06-11
Soufun.com Shanghai Boutique•Apaman Service Apt on Rent 09-06-05
Soufun.com Shanghai Boutique•Apaman Service Apt on Rent 09-06-05
Real Estate Times New Mode in Service Apt. Trusteeship Welcomed 09-04-24
Soufun.com Japan Apaman with Jinchen Green Creat New Mode in Service Apt. 09-04-22
Shanghai Daily Expat kids admit they lack friends 08-10-25
Oriental Morning Post Introduce into Japan Real Estate Management Experience 08-10-23
Soufun.com Expatriate Kids in Shanghai Living Satisfaction Inquiry by Jinchen Green 08-10-22
Soufun.com Communication, Share & Development-08 Jinchen Green Real Estate Conference 08-10-22
Real Estate Times Be International Offices, R&D Base-Jinqiao Science Park 08-10-20
M2F Industrial Real Estate Maybe Last Chance for Invest 08-10-20
Real Estate Times Jinchen Green Dedicating to Creat New Mode in Real Estate 08-10-20 
Real Estate Times Thames Town Retails & Offices on Rent 08-09-22
Real Estate Times Expatriate Kids in Shanghai Living Satisfaction Inquiry by Jinchen Green 08-08-11
Real Estate Times Living in Shanghai for Expatriates Issued 07-10-29

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