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Home > Hot Topic > Fruit Picking Festival in Dawn Garden
Hot Topic

Enjoy in Fruit Picking Festival

Frank Zhang  Dawn Garden Leasing Office

Shanghai Jinchen Green Investment Management Co., Ltd


    The annual Fruit Picking Festival of Dawn Garden began on Aug.3, 2013, a sunny Saturday.
    The long table in the Hall is filled with baskets, nice gifts such as small fans, water guns etc. The children began to come with their parents and entered into the fruit picking area.
    People's enthusiasm did not ebb away in such a hot weather. It is seen that the children came in front of the fruit trees, and picked all the fruits in lower place quickly. Some children turned to the securities for help to pick the fruits beyond the reach of them. And more over, one child from America picked the fruit on his father's shoulder.
    Finally, everyone had a smile on their face after plenteous harvest.

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