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Hot Topic
Shanghai is an exciting city, it is always on the move. But at the same time this is exhausting, there doesn't seem to be time for a rest. In this respect, we find Pudong more relaxing, more adapted to a family life.

For an expat, everyday life is not always easy compared to western countries. Everything takes time, a money transfer that would take 15 minutes in the US can take several hours here sometimes. Rules change very often, and it is very difficult to get the right information.
Also, it's not that easy to find fluent English speaking people in the street (taxi, shops, restaurants for example).
Why we chose Shanghai Garden
First, we love Shanghai Garden because of its human size. Big residences like Yanlord are more anonymous. Shanghai Garden offers a nice contrast, it looks like a village but at the same time we can see the Lu Jia Zui high-rises from our windows. It gives a feeling of relaxation with the open views and the terraces. Speaking of space, we also appreciate having a large living room, this is something difficult to find in Chinese residences.
We were also convinced by the way Jeff Fu from Shanghai Jinchen Green introduced the compound. In other places, we met several agencies that were very aggressive and tried to force the deal, and this made us flee. Jeff had a more relaxed approach, acting more as an advisor.
Why we want to stay
In Shanghai Garden, we found the staff very friendly. Again, the residence is quite big, but everybody knows us. We feel safe when our son goes to play outside.
We found them great support. Very responsive, proactive, always making them available to all the small daily worries, like a residence permit or a problem with China Telecom, it is relaxing to know that we can rely on somebody who will solve the issue in no time.
Also, their English is excellent, so we can have a very good contact.
And they always have a wonderful smile!
Editor: Mr Christophe Humbert from France
The Tenant of Shanghai Garden

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